MIRAGE TRAVEL or ABC TOUR or American Business Connection

117 south san gabriel

san gabriel CA 91324


Mirage Travel is a tour bus for CHINESE only, but they didn't tell you that when you signed contract...

This is the shady and substandard bus tour travel company. They served and speak only mandarin Chinese, but advertise to speak English. But only provide mandarin speaking tour guide, old bus, broken stinking toilet on the bus, never clean it, broken TVs, show movies for adult to minors on bus.

It will take you to visit cult religious group. Tour guide will demand tips more than what you signed on the contract in the middle of isolate desert. Tour guide ignore you if you are not Chinese! 1/2 of people on the bus are not Chinese! and told you he does not understand English to hear your complaints. You will spend 90% of your time on the bus ride, 5% waiting for bathroom. Only 5% of your time is actually step down the bus and see something.

After tour, if you call to complaint, they will hang-up (NO-English!). I took them & their associate to small claim course and win! DO NOT WASTED YOUR VACATION TIME WITH THESE GUYS.

If you are from overseas vacationer Chinese, be careful! of the sale pitch. You will sit on the bus 95% of your time!

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